Unionbankonline: How to apply for UBI Credit card online

By | July 19, 2016

Unionbankonline: How to apply for UBI Credit card online

Unionbankonline: How to apply for UBI Credit card online: Hello Readers, if you want to apply for UBI Credit card and want to know complete and brief applying procedure before applying for this then, through this article you can get all these details. Apart from this, it’s also better to know about UBI credit card unique features, charges and fee, eligibility, etc. before apply for UBI credit card. Actually, UBI offers you a hassle-free and secure shopping experience with their credit card at an assortment of outlets and websites around the world. Now, you can also use withdrawals benefit by that you can withdraw money up to your limit at ATM centres. So, it’s excellent if you think for apply for the same. You just need to read this article carefully to get the complete information about “How to apply for the Union Bank of India Credit Card”.

Union Bank of India offers a variety of range of cards and services that fulfil customers needs like getting instant access to get account information and money, provide shopping expenses, do on-line purchases, book online tickets, availing short term credit, gifting near and dear ones, etc. So, if you want to avail these facilities then apply for UBI credit card.

Features of Union Bank of India-UBI Credit Card

  1. No Joining fee and annual or renewal charges (Accept Signature Card).
  2. Attractive reward points features and redemption program is available (NO point redemption charges in it).
  3. 20% spending limit is on the gross annual salary.
  4. Lowest interest rates for UBI Credit card users and Up to 50 days of the free credit period.
  5. Flexi payment options are available.
  6. Through internet banking, you can pay online Bill.
  7. Full refund of fuel surcharge (t&c).
  8. A secured transaction with SMS alerts on all transactions and you are also secure with 3FA authentication for your all domestic online transaction.
  9. EMI Scheme at the attractive interest rate for the period of 3/6/9/12/18/24 months.
  10. Personal Insurance Cover offered to primary and add-on card holders (completely free) for accidental death.

Personal Insurance Cover offered amount-Check below table

Type of Card

Other than Air AccidentAir Accident


Rs. 1 Lakh

Rs. 2 Lakh


Rs. 2 Lakh

Rs. 4 Lakh


Rs. 5 Lakh

Rs. 8 Lakh

PlatinumRs. 5 Lakh

Rs. 8 Lakh


Rs. 5 Lakh

Rs. 8 Lakh

SignatureRs  6 Lakh

Rs 10 Lakh

  1. The 24-hour hot listing facility is available and lost card liability restricted to Rs.1,000 from the time of reporting the loss.
  2. Photo Signature Credit Card is available in 3 variants – (1) Classic (2) Silver (3) Gold (for Domestic use).
  3. Card (Non-Photo) is availalbe in one Variant -EMV Platinum/Signature/Usecure for International Usage.
  4. The usecure card will be issued against term deposit and to those who do not have income proof or IT return or Student etc.
  5. Signature Card has the various benefit like free Airport Lounge access at Domestic and International airport, four reward points when you spent Rs 100 and higher accidental benefits.

* Surcharge will be waived for fuel purchased of Rs.400 – Rs.400/ per billing cycle (minimum purchase must be Rs.400/per purchase)

How to apply for UBI Credit Card

To apply for Union Bank of India Credit Card, you will have to submit all the required details with UBI credit card application form in the UBI Bank branch. You can check the necessary documents and credit card application download procedure. So, just find the nearest UBI branch with the required documents as listed below to apply for UBI credit card. First of all, you will need to get credit card application from and for that read below steps:

Get Credit Card Application Form

  • First of all visit the UBI official site: www.unionbankofindia.co.in
  • Then click on “PERSONAL” where you will get ‘CARDS’ option.

Unionbankonline: How to apply for UBI Credit card online


  • Click on ‘CARDS’ then ‘Overview’.

Unionbankonline: How to apply for UBI Credit card online


  • Then, click on “Forms & Documents” and you can download required credit card application form by clicking on that. The credit card forms are:-

TBD Credit Card Retail Application

TBD Credit Card Corporate Application

TBD Credit Card Redemption

TBD Credit Card Add-on Card

TBD Credit Card Dispute Form

Unionbankonline: How to apply for UBI Credit card online

  • You may also download credit card application form quickly by clicking on “SHOW” then “FORMS” then ‘Credit card application form’.

Unionbankonline: How to apply for UBI Credit card online


  • You can also download credit card application form directly from the given link- http://www.unionbankofindia.co.in/UserFiles/application%20form%20pages1-2.pdf
  • Fill the Credit Card application form and submit it to the UBI bank branch along with the required documents. 

Documents required for Retail Customers

Salaried Customers

 Self Employed Customers

Proof of Address


Proof of Address

PAN Card copy 

PAN Card copy

Income Proof (Salary Slip or Salary certificate or Form 16 or Latest IT return) 

Income Proof (Form 16A  or Latest IT return)

Note: Customers can also get credit card against Fixed Deposit (FD) if you do not have income proof.

Documents required For Corporate Customers

  • Corporate Card Application duly signed by the company authorised signatory (Link to the form).
  • Board resolution for the issuance of cards to their executives and who can incur the expenses on the company to be charged to the company’s account.
  • Individual application from the executives.


  • This credit card is issued only to UBI account holders with satisfactory income levels.
  • It’s essential to give a valid mobile number and email ID.

Charges and Fee UBI Credit Card

Unionbankonline: How to apply for UBI Credit card online

Contact Details UBI Credit Card

  • Credit Card Call Centre (UBI): 1800 22 32 22 (toll-free).
  • Credit Card Call Centre (UBI): 022-40426008 (charged).
  • General Call Centre (All-India Toll-Free number) 1800 22 22 44 AND 1800 208 2244.

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